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We are distributor for POSITAL product in Thailand with Incremental encoder, Absolute encoder, Linear encoder, Inclinometer, KITs encoder, and Accessories for the encoder. We offer the best quality product to your application with 2 years warranty.

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Main Variations LINARIX linear sensors are available in many configurations to meet any application’s requirements, from near clean room conditions to harbors handling arms and construction cranes. Options include a wide variety of outputs (including analog, fieldbus and Ethernet variants), heavy duty housings and compact designs.

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Extruded Metal Housings

Flexible Mounting
Acceleration up to 7g
Suitable for Demanding Environments

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Plastic Housing

Highly Economical
Small Footprint
High Accuracy
OEM’s Favorite

Check our Economic Linear Sensors
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Machine Metal Housings

Suitable for Industrial

Check our Industrial Linear Sensors
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Variety of Interfaces

Ethernet Based
Fieldbus Classics
Analog, Parallel, SSI

Check our Linear Sensors Communication Interfaces

Applications LINARIX sensors provide highly reliable and precise measurements thanks to the accuracy of the absolute encoders in combination with high quality draw wire mechanics. Their rugged construction ensures reliable performance and long lifetimes even under extreme conditions. For example, articulation boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts present similar constraints: simultaneously managing angle and extension. POSITAL draw wire sensors with an integrated inclinometer offer single sensor which allows precise positioning while articulating your boom crane

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We are distributor for automation product Sinc.2014,

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